PICTURED: Bomb disposal unit stationed on Dundee street after ‘incident’

A bomb disposal team remains on a Dundee street as part of an “ongoing” police incident.

Emergency services were initially dispatched to Fairbairn Street yesterday at around 6pm.

A large cordon has been set up covering Fairbairn Street, North Isla Street and Tannadice Street outside Dundee United’s football ground.

A police command unit and a fire service command unit was stationed on North Isla Street. A bomb disposal unit later joined them.

A bomb disposal unit parked on North Isla Street alongside a police and fire command unit.

The Royal Logistics Corps vehicle was later moved mid-way along to Fairbairn Street itself.

A police spokesman was unable to provide any further information other than the incident was “serious” and remained “ongoing”. He added that a statement would be released later today.

The bomb disposal unit on Fairbairn Street

A spokesman for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said he was unable to comment on the matter.

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