Pensioner accused of having hoard of banned guns

The High Court in  Glasgow.
The High Court in Glasgow.

A pensioner is to stand trial over claims he had an arsenal of prohibited firearms at his home — as well as hundreds of bullets.

Ian Cargill, 71, of Gauldry, north-east Fife, appeared at the High Court in Glasgow for a hearing before judge Lady Scott facing a series of allegations.

Represented by his counsel, advocate Gavin Anderson, Cargill denied all the charges.

One charge states Cargill had in his possession a Brocock air pistol with a self-contained gas cartridge system, between August 2 2015 and September 11 2015, at his home address and at a property in Tayport.

A second charge states that, on September 11 2015, at his home address, Cargill had another prohibited weapon — a St Etienne model M1892 double-action six-shot revolver.

Cargill further denies having a Smith and Wesson model 38/200 British Service double-action six-shot revolver at his home address on the same date.

He also faces a charge of having a Colt Navy muzzle-loading percussion cup six-shot revolver at the same location on the same date.

Prosecutors further allege Cargill had in his possession a total of 448 .38/357 bullets, as well as 1,444 .22 bullets — “in excess of the authorised amount” — at his home address on September 11 2015.

The final allegation Cargill faces is that he was in possession of banned ammunition.

He is alleged to have had 931 cartridges loaded with hollow point, soft point, soft nose or soft metal-tipped bullets, these “being ammunition designed or so adapted to expand on impact”.

Mr Anderson told the High Court: “Mr Cargill is pleading not guilty to the allegations on this indictment.

“There are no special defences.”

Advocate depute Rosemary Guinnane, prosecuting, said the Crown was ready to proceed to trial.

Lady Scott said: “I’m going to fix a trial date for November 13 2017 at the High Court in Dunfermline.”

Cargill was released on bail in the meantime.