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Patients slam ‘ridiculous’ closure of Dundee medical centre due to lack of doctors

William and Jane Connor at the Fintry Mill Medical practice.

The closure of Fintry Mill Medical Centre has been branded “ridiculous” and “dangerous” by patients.

As revealed in Monday’s Tele, the GP surgery, which serves about 3,300 patients, will close for good on October 5, with patients transferred to the sister practice on Arthurstone Terrace in Stobswell, more than a mile and a half away.

Bosses announced the move after a drive to recruit more GPs for the centre proved unsuccessful.

David Matthew, 66, a retired electrician, said that additional travelling could aggravate medical conditions.

David Matthew

The Findhorn Street resident said: “The closure is ridiculous. I have a condition that’s affected by travel, so sitting on a bus would aggravate the blood vessels and nerves. At the moment I’m OK but that could get worse any time soon.

“There are patients with far worse mobility problems than me, and for them a bus or taxi journey could be a big difference to their day.

“If the patients are being moved to the other practice then both should have been kept open to serve patients in both areas.”

Retirees William and Jane Connor, who live minutes away from the practice, said the closure could affect more vulnerable people.

William, 66, a printer who has lived in Fintry since childhood, said: “It’s going to make things tough for people in wheelchairs.

“Not everyone can afford a taxi and if you have a condition that makes it difficult to get around, then going round the corner compared with a bus journey is a big difference.”

Practice manager Gordon Bain wrote to patients: “We are regretful that the decision to permanently close Fintry Mill had to be made, however we do believe that this is the only course of action which will safeguard the future of the practice and provide our patients with the level of care they deserve.

“Fintry Mill Medical Centre will close permanently on Friday October 5. From that date all GP services will be transferred to Arthurstone Medical Centre.”

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