Parking firm slammed as ‘bullying’ by doctor at Ninewells

Dr Sukomoy Das at Ninewells Hospital

A Dundee doctor has slammed the tactics deployed by private parking firm Indigo, branding them “unfair” and “bullying”.

Dr Sukhomoy Das paid £300 for an annual parking permit at Ninewells Hospital in January.

The senior specialist doctor, from South Ayrshire, lives in accommodation on hospital grounds Monday to Friday.

On Monday February 27, after commuting from his home, Dr Das parked up as normal outside his temporary accommodation.

On the day in question, Dr Das forgot to display his parking permit. Though conceding his mistake, Dr Das appealed the subsequent fine imposed by Indigo, citing his receipt for the £300 payment as proof of his right to park.

Dr Das has now hit out at the “heavy-handed tactics” faced by Ninewells staff and patients on a daily basis.

He said: “After returning from my busy day’s work at 5.30pm, I discovered the parking charge notice.

“It is not a matter of £20, £40, or £64, it is a matter of heavy-handed tactics faced by staff and service users by private parking operators in our NHS.

“I do not intend to pay the charge imposed — it was a one-off mistake.

“It is also for the fact my parking fee for 365 days was paid in advance to who I am contracted to.”

A spokesperson for Indigo Parking said: “Displaying a permit is usually one of the conditions associated with a permit.

“Everyone is told how to appeal when they get a parking charge notice.”