Paedophile sentenced for downloading 2,300+ obscene images of kids at Dundee home

Dundee Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court

A paedophile was sentenced by Sheriff Alastair Carmichael after he downloaded more than 2,300 obscene images of children over a period of almost two years.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard Paul Rudd, 62, from Broughty Ferry, was told by Sheriff Carmichael that his activities had shown a “level of sophistication” by using cleaning software to delete files which could not be recovered and in using encrypted files, making them inaccessible.

Rudd, of Broadford Terrace, had previously admitted on indictment that between October 18 2015 and June 1 2017, at Broadford Terrace, he took or permitted to be taken indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of children.

The court was told police acting on intelligence had found 2,320 still images of which 98 were category A, and none of which were recoverable.

Solicitor Ian Myles said when discovered, Rudd had co-operated fully with police.

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He said: “He is a first offender and he has been forthright in providing information. He was always determined that this matter was not going to proceed to trial.

“The report says he is suitable for the Tay Project and he would benefit from treatment. He meets the inclusion criteria. He understands that crimes such as this are worthy of a custodial sentence and that has to be looked at.

“However he has been assessed as suitable for a non-custodial sentence.”

Sheriff Carmichael pointed out there was a level of sophistication in his activity, in particular in deleting files which could not be recovered.

Mr Myles explained that Rudd had used cleaning software as a normal method of freeing up memory on his computer.

Sheriff Carmichael jailed Rudd for 10 months and was placed on the sex offenders register for the same length of time. He granted the Crown’s motion for forfeiture of his computer equipment.

He added: “You were involved in this over a period of 20 months. There was a level of sophistication and you deleted information and encrypted files, making it inaccessible to investigating officers and impossible to recover.

“Only a custodial sentence is appropriate in this case.”

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