ONGOING: Fire north of Dundee continues to smoulder 12 hours after breaking out

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Fire was still smouldering today in the Sidlaws after a blaze broke out in fields last night.

The smoke could be seen from many places across Dundee and a spokeswoman told how the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service received a deluge of calls from concerned residents.

It is unknown how the fire started, but it was still ongoing at cliffs this morning, 12 hours after being reported, and emergency crews were keeping regular checks on the situation.

© Emily Mather
A fire on the Sidlaw Hills last night (picture: Emily Mather)
A fire on the Sidlaw Hills last night (picture: Emily Mather). 

No one has been hurt.

The spokeswoman said: “We got the first call at 8.58pm and there were 16 further calls as the incident could be seen from quite a few different spots.

“There are no appliances there today and it is being left open with regular checks as it continues to burn itself out on the cliff face.

“The fire crews extinguished the grass fires that could be reached and we are making regular trips to keep an eye on the situation.

“There is still smoke on the hills but the situation has not escalated.”Fire