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One of Scotland’s only heavy metal vocal tutors to give free sessions in Dundee this weekend

From demonic highs to guttural lows, the exact science behind the perfect heavy metal “scream” is something few people have studied.

Sam Field, Dundee Music Academy’s metal vocal coach.

However, this niche interest is the speciality of Sam Field, who is believed to be Dundee’s only metal vocal tutor and one of a few in the whole of Scotland.

The 25-year-old has been playing in bands for almost a decade and recently joined the Dundee Music Academy to teach budding vocalists how to scream on stage without hurting themselves.

Sam has been giving lessons for about six months and mentors a number of students in the city.

His sessions will be among a number of free tasters on offer as the music academy opens its doors to the public this weekend.

Sam, of city band Black Blood, said he was inspired to start the lessons as a result of his own tough, and often painful, experiences fine-tuning his voice early in his career.

He said: “People are quite surprised when I say I’m a metal vocal coach because they assume people are just shouting. But there is a proper way of doing it.”

The open weekend starts at 10am Saturday and Sunday at DM Studios on Blinshall Street.