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One-legged man who went on shoplifting sprees on his scooter found dead in hospital toilet

Perth Royal Infirmary

A one-legged man who became notorious for carrying out shoplifting sprees on his mobility scooter has been found dead in a hospital toilet.

John Newlands was discovered at Perth Royal Infirmary on Tuesday, just two months after his lawyer told a court his face had gone blue as a result of health problems.

The 41-year-old, who had a leg amputated because of drug-related issues, was found alongside evidence of illicit drug misuse in a disabled toilet.

Newlands had a long list of convictions for crimes of dishonesty and his criminal career had not been stopped by the loss of a leg about a year ago.

Post-amputation he was convicted and fined in connection with a lengthy shoplifting spree around various stores in Perth.

Both the sheriff and JP courts heard that Newlands drove from one shop to another stealing high-value items including fragrances and toys.