Old Brewhouse in Arbroath offers value for money and quality food

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Three of my girlfriends and I were off to the Webster Theatre.

The plan of drinks in the afternoon followed by food before the show was reduced to one of food only, courtesy of a couple of us over-indulging the night before.

One friend said she had good memories of the food in the Old Brewhouse, which is just along the road from the theatre, so that’s where we decided to eat.

I phoned to book a table and I’m glad I did as they were full for our preferred time and we had to go in half an hour earlier, so take note, this is a popular venue.

As well as a lunch time and a la carte menu, the restaurant offers an early bird option, daily from noon-2pm and 5-6.30pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. From an abridged menu, you can get two courses for £15.

The four of us decided that’s what to go for, sharing two starters and two puddings and having a main course each.

There were three starters – and one was soup, not the easiest thing to share – so we ordered the other two: chicken bon bons and monterey jack cheese goujons in breadcrumbs.

For mains we had the choice of scampi, macaroni, curry, lasagne and a roast peppers, mascarpone and spinach lasagne or crab cakes – we selected two lasagne, one macaroni and one crab cakes and saved the pudding order for later.

This is a cosy place, nicely laid out with the tables far enough apart from each other and cleverly set at different angles so you don’t feel you are dining with the rest of the room.

Service was very friendly and efficient too, with our drinks – Bacardi, Tia Maria, diet Pepsi and soda and lime coming a few minutes before our food.

Fortunately, there were four pieces of each starter, so division was simple.

I started with the chicken bon bons, balls of chicken and veg served with hollandaise sauce and salad.

They were very nice and I thought we’d picked well. We swapped our plates over with the pair opposite us and I realised we definitely had as I found the cheese in breadcrumbs really delicious and I was glad I’d had the chicken first.

Happily my friend opposite preferred it the order she had it, with the chicken being her favourite.

As busy as the eatery was, our waiting time was very reasonable, with the main courses arriving soon after we’d finished our starters

The macaroni and lasagnes were served in individual dishes, all with chips, as was my crab fishcakes and I also had some salad.

The macaroni was as creamy and cheesy as it needs to be and got a thumbs up. The lasagne was a decent sized portion and looked good to me. My friend, however, who has eaten lasagne the length and breadth of the country (and probably lots of Europe too) felt that though it was nice enough, it wasn’t the best she’d had.

My crab fishcakes were lovely, not overpowering on the fishy front, and coated in crispy breadcrumbs.

For pudding we decided to share sticky toffee pudding and cheesecake. There was a choice of cream, ice cream or custard and we went with cream for both.

The desserts are a good size and definitely big enough to share. The sticky toffee pudding had lots of sauce and the sponge was made without fruit or dates. I quite like to have the fruit but the sponge was still very tasty.

Biggest smile of the meal for me though was the cheesecake. It was about two inches of topping on quite a solid base . . . which was cause for much mirth as we tried to cut it without sending it skiting across the table. There were white chocolate curls on top and, some of us thought, a slight lemon flavour, but whatever, it was delicious. I’d go back just for the cheesecake.