‘Oh meh goad’: Listen to the moment Jim realises he’s won £650k after packing his shopping at Dundee Asda

This is the hilarious moment a local man is told he has just won more than £650k.

Jim Forbes, from Tayport, scooped the life-changing prize after his numbers came up in the EuroMillions draw last Friday, as the Tele previously revealed.

The 50-year-old plans to use the cash to ticket items off his bucket list, including a trip to Hawaii.

Now, an audio recording of the moment he realised he was £650k richer has been released.

Jim Forbes celebrates his big win on Broughty Ferry beach

Jim was shopping at Asda Milton of Craigie when he checked his ticket at the cigarette desk. Staff informed him he was a winner, but told him to contact Camelot.

After putting his trolley away, he made the call – which can be heard in full above.

Once the operator tells him how much he has won, Jim lets out an “oooohhhh oooh oooh oooh… what!?”

The Tayport man then let’s out a nervous laugh before asking: “you’re kidding?”

He then struggles to speak properly before blurting: “oh meh goad!”.

Trucker Jim now hopes to continue working, albeit part-time, later said: “It goes to show that for honest people, normal people, a normal Joe Bloggs like me, dreams come true.”

VIDEO: Local trucker reveals why he went public on £655,000 EuroMillions win