Off-duty doorman charged with assaulting reveller at Dundee nightclub

An off-duty bouncer has been charged with assaulting a reveller at a Dundee nightspot.

Footage of the incident — which allegedly happened at Industry Nightclub on the Seagate — has emerged online.

Industry Nightclub yesterday said the bouncer was not one of its members of staff and had been a customer at the time.

Following the alleged assault, a 25-year-old man was charged by police.

A spokesman for Industry Nightclub said the venue had been praised by the authorities for its swift action in dealing with the alleged assault.

He said: “Industry Nightclub is Dundee’s newest venue.

“Like all businesses, our aim is to have zero incidents. We run a zero-violence policy.

“With this particular incident, the person who allegedly committed the crime was an off-duty doorman.

“Within minutes of the alleged incident, we had communication with the police and insisted on handing over all CCTV within approximately 45 minutes.

“We have been praised for our efforts and assisted the police with their investigation.

“Contrary to reports and rumours, the person who allegedly committed the crime was not working at the club on the night of the incident.

“The alleged attacker had been working at another venue and had finished shift, so was a customer of Industry Nightclub and not a member of staff.

“Either way, we don’t tolerate any form of violence, whether through staff or customers.”

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) — which is responsible for regulating the private security industry — couldn’t be reached by the Tele before going to press today.

Industry opened in December last year in the spot of the former Yuppies Bar.

Manager Grant Leslie said at the time he felt the Seagate area was “getting a new lease of life”.

Police Scotland confirmed that a 25-year-male had been charged over the alleged assault.