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OAP seen lying on the floor taken to Ninewells after collision with bus

A 69-year-old man was taken to hospital after a teatime incident on Tuesday.

Scene of the bus accident in Perth

The man was injured in what appeared to be an incident with a Stagecoach bus in Perth at around 5.30pm.

He was seen lying in North Methven Street, near the Drumhar Health Centre, close to a bus which had part of its windscreen cracked.

A motorist who came upon the incident said: “As I was driving up North Methven Street, I saw a Stagecoach bus in front of me which was stationary with its hazard warning lights on.

“Suddenly, a man came running down the road waving his arms and instructing traffic to stop.

“Then an ambulance came screaming past me and came to a halt in front of another Stagecoach bus which was parked in front of the one which was in front of me.

“Next thing, the man who was waving his arms, waved myself and the traffic in front of me past the bus and the stricken man. The ambulance technicians were attending to him and anxious members of the public looked on.

“Then the police arrived. The man looked to be elderly and he seemed to be unconscious.

A police spokesman said: “We attended at North Methven Street, about 5.35pm yesterday in response to reports of a road traffic collision.

“A bus had been involved in a collision with a 69-year-old-male pedestrian who was taken to Ninewells Hospital with a head injury. His injuries were not thought to be life threatening.”