Dundee OAP ‘living in fear’ of thugs returning after they forced into her home

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A pensioner has said she is “living in fear” of two men who forced their way into her home striking again.

Irene Strachan, 72, from Ardler, said police have been unable to trace those responsible for the incident, which happened on December 5.

She was threatened with a cosh on two separate occasions during the 20-minute ordeal at her Turnberry Avenue home.

The former landlady said she believes it was a case of “mistaken identity”.

The two men searched the ground floor of the house — demanding a stash of cash and drugs — before taking £80 of Irene’s pension money and a laptop.

Irene said the men left a parting shot — threatening to come back to the property at a later date.

She said: “Since the incident, my nerves have been shot. I’m reluctant to go out once it’s dark.

“I’ve had a security camera installed on to the front of my home. I’m living on my nerves.

“I’ve contacted the police a number of times since the incident to see if there has been any update, but there has been no information about this.

“I still firmly believe this has been a case of mistaken identity.

“They pushed me into the living room during the incident.

“One of the men was doing all the talking. He kept asking me where’s the stash of drugs and money? I said ‘you can search the house from top to toe, I don’t have anything’.

“He replied with ‘we don’t search houses, we wreck them’.”

Irene said she feared for her life when one of the men threatened her with a cosh for the second time.

She added: “When he hauled out the cosh again, I thought I was away to get it.

“He grabbed the laptop and took the money from my purse. As soon as they left I contacted the police.

“The police were brilliant at the time of the incident, but I’ve been disappointed in the level of contact I’ve had with them in the aftermath. I just want to know who’s done this. As time goes on, I don’t think they are going to catch these men.

“I’ve lived here for 19 years and I love the area. I have considered moving as a result of this. I’ve lost weight and my appetite has gone.”

A spokeswoman for the force said: “Police Scotland is continuing with inquiries and the complainer has been fully updated.”