‘They no doubt found it funny’… Dundee cop dismayed after ‘Pop up Jim’ vandalised

A Tayside police officer has spoken of his dismay after a ‘Pop up Jim’ was vandalised in Dundee yesterday.

The Tele reported in December that the ‘scarecrow’ models had been put in place by the roadside in Dundee’s Coldside and Strathmartine wards.

The initiative features a life-size police officer with speed gun aimed at reminding drivers to check their speed.

However, one of the cardboard models was vandalised in Johnston Avenue, Dundee.

‘Pop up Jim’ was put out on the street near to the school at around 7.45am and by 11.30am vandals had cut the chains used to hold ‘Jim’ in place.

Sergeant Lesley Mann said : “It is disappointing that a member of the public has carried out this act of vandalism and no doubt found it funny but it is has been very short sighted.

“Kirkton Community Safety Partnership and Coldside Community Forrum secured the funding for ‘Pop up Jims’ to assist in combating speeding drivers on the roads in Dundee.”

Councillor Mark Flynn said : “I am very disappointed to hear about this act of vandalism.

“It should be highlighted that the ‘Pop up Jims’ were purchased by the community, in order to help alleviate speeding on the roads/streets within the Coldside Ward, thereby keeping our streets safe for everyone.

“The area where this Pop Up Jim was sited was near to a busy school which will shortly see the implementation of an experimental 20mph zone.”

If you have any information relating to the vandalism, contact Police Scotland on 101 quoting reference number 1125 of 8 February.

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