Ninewells parking firm ignores petition and defies thousands by increasing charges

The firm which operates parking at Ninewells have snubbed more than 2,000 Tele readers by increasing charges by more than 4%.

Indigo Infra Dundee Ltd, which runs the parking facilities on behalf of NHS Tayside, announced last month it intended to raise fees.

Patients now have to pay £2.40 for a single visit – up from £2.30 – while staff permit costs have also risen for the third time since 2016.

Parking at Ninewells Hospital now costs £2.40

In response to the increase, we launched our Freeze the Fees campaign which collected 2,121 signatures from readers, staff and patients as well as local politicians.

We asked Indigo to keep parking charges at existing levels, until at least November 2019, and submitted our petition to the company’s headquarters in Watford, along with a letter from Tele editor Andrew Kellock.

At Ninewells on Thursday, Petr Stepo, 44, a firefighter from Tayport who attends the hospital once a week, said: “I think the fees should be scrapped. The facilities here haven’t got any better.

“If the hospital got 100% of the money I wouldn’t mind paying.”

Petr Stepo, 44, from Tayport, in the car park at Ninewells Hospital.

Fiona Smith said: “I think we should go back and look over the contract we’ve got with Indigo and find out when it ends so people know when this daylight robbery finishes.”

Carol Dailly, 70, retired, from Newport, said: “I don’t think anyone should have to pay. What they are doing is disgusting. There are people who might have to come here nearly every day. It is diabolical.”

Indigo is locked in a contract with the health board to run all the Ninewells car parks until 2028. It would cost millions of pounds to terminate, but the Scottish Government has refused to disclose exactly how much.

A spokeswoman for Indigo said: “Parking at Ninewells Hospital falls under a long-standing contract between NHS Tayside and Indigo.

“As part of this, although Indigo manages the car park, all prices are governed by the contract.”