Nine times Dundee has gone viral

The Desperate Dan statue in the High Street

Dundee’s a funny old place…

Here’s a look back at seven times the City of Discovery has caught the eye of the world:

  1. The time a man travelling on a space hopper was pulled over by police. Not exactly a high-speed pursuit for our boys in blue… The story was picked up around the world and even Channel 4’s The Last Leg programme appealed for the man to get in touch.


2. A lovely story and video which has been viewed over eight MILLION times across the globe. Meet Ollie & Cameron, two twins from Kirkton. Their mum keeps a regular blog of their progress on Facebook. Their most popular post was of them ‘roaring’ and giggling at home.

Hi everyone! How are you today? We're good thanks and have had a nice couple of days. Yesterday we chilled out at home with mummy and daddy and today we had our grandma round to play with us whilst mummy went to Ninewells Hospital to speak to student doctors about being a parent of children with Down's Syndrome. Hopefully they will remember her positivity and our cheeky faces if they ever have to break the news to a parent that their child has DS. Tomorrow we have OT and we have speech and language therapy on Wednesday so we lots on but we've still got loads of time to have fun. We love to make up games (as you can see from our video – this was shortly before bedtime on Saturday hehe!) and are really enjoying drawing at the moment. We are starting to concentrate more instead of just doing to and fro scribbles however they are still fun to do now and then! We've also started to try and draw circles. Anyway, that's all we've got to report for now but we'll be back in touch soon. Goodnight, love Ollie and Cameron x

Posted by Ollie & Cameron on Monday, 30 November 2015

3. It might seem a bit innocuous but one Dundee car park is known across the globe and has since become a popular ‘meme’. The car park? Yeaman Shore, off West Marketgait. Why?

4. There have been some top class footballers to have come out of Dundee. But none have gone from zero to hero as quick as this guy:

From the ridiculous to the sublime…Credit: Tennent's Lager

Posted by SPORTbible on Monday, 4 January 2016

5. While the above is pretty impressive the following can be filed under the ‘fail’ category.

6. Sometimes, when you hear an amazing tune the music just carries you away. That’s just what happened to Dundee plumber Mark Topen. He was caught on camera raving to a well-known Robert Miles track. The clip has been viewed nearly ten million times.

7. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – so the saying goes. That exactly what Dundonians did at the start of the year when Drumgeith Park flooded over. Rowing boats, jetskiers, parasailers – they were all at it. The clips of the makeshift watersports venue quickly went viral and the world applauded our ingenuity.

Finally found a way to have fun on a football pitch ??

Posted by Dave Reynolds on Saturday, 9 January 2016

8. No one likes having to wait around on other perusing the shops. Especially not this pooch! He was left frustrated in the car while his owners went off for some messages in Broughty Ferry. Just look at that face, not happy one bit:


9. The breakfast pie. Dundee gave it to the world and the world loves us for it! And some of our bakers were even in a scrap over who came up with the idea first…

A breakfast pie from Rosie's, Clepington Road, Dundee. Brekkie Pie.