Nine riot cops forced to restrain MMA fighter after Dundee nightclub rampage

A mixed martial artist rampaged “out of control” in a Dundee nightclub, assaulting a number of people including his former partner.

Kevin Lobban, 25, of Craigmore Street, admitted eight charges of breach of the peace, assault, breach of bail and resisting arrest, all on October 13.

The offences took place in the Rendezvous Nightclub, Union Street, in Union Street itself and in a police vehicle en route to police HQ.

After struggling violently with police when arrested, it’s understood it took nine police officers using riot gear to remove Lobban from the vehicle and get him inside police HQ.

Kevin Lobban

At one point, after committing three assaults in the nightclub, he attempted to throw a whisky barrel down the stairwell and had to be stopped by a customer.

Lobban then went on to assault an unknown member of the public while topless in Union Street before being arrested, Dundee Sheriff Court heard.

Fiscal depute Trina Sinclair told the court that Lobban’s ex-partner Alex Purvey was in the club with friends when she saw him arriving.

Lobban was subject to a bail condition not to approach or contact her and she told him to go away or she would call police.

Instead of leaving, he grabbed her by the throat and pushed her towards the toilet door.

Lobban then assaulted Brodie Purvey, repeatedly attempting to punch her while dragging her around the dance floor.

The entrance to Rendezvous Club on Union Street

Customer Andrew Scrimgeour was then punched by Lobban as he tried to assist Ms Purvey.

Upstairs, Lobban took hold of a whisky barrel and attempted to throw it down the stairwell, but was prevented from doing so and ejected from the club.

Ms Sinclair told the court Lobban was seen on CCTV to assault an unknown male, while topless.

He was arrested and handcuffed and tried to butt a police officer.

He was put on the ground and continued struggling violently, wrapping his leg around PC Neil Hunter’s head and waist and attempted to get him in a martial arts hold.

He was put in leg restraints and into a police vehicle, but succeeded in removing the restraints and began kicking the door of the cage and threatening to assault the officers. It took several officers to get him inside police HQ.

Solicitor Jim Laverty said Lobban had been on medication and had been drinking to excess due to his personal difficulties.

He was alcohol-free now, he added.

Sheriff Lorna Drummond said: “It seems to me you were out of control that night.”

Lobban was sentenced to a community payback order under supervision for 18 months and placed on a restriction of liberty order confining to his home between 7pm-7am daily for four months.

The sheriff also ordered him to complete 300 hours of unpaid work.