Nicola Sturgeon praised for talking to homeless person in city centre street

Nicola Sturgeon has been widely praised for talking to a homeless man in a city centre street.

The First Minister leader was snapped just off Buchanan Street, Glasgow on Monday, with the image since having gone viral.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at the Michelin plant in Dundee

The image was posted on Twitter by user Ron Culley who wrote: “Turned into Glasgow’s Mitchell Lane this afternoon to find Scotland’s First Minister on her haunches talking to a homeless guy. No press or protection. Could Theresa May do this without snipers on the rooftops…or at all?

“I’m so proud to have Nicola as our First Minister.”

Several Twitter users praised Ms Sturgeon for her actions.

“This is someone fit to govern Scotland,” said one, as another replied, “Someone fit to govern Great Britain quite frankly.”

One woman said: “Our FM is a really lovely human.”

Another added: “Respect where it’s due is seldom extended. I thank you for this, despite your political persuasions. It’s a rare and wonderful thing.”

However, one Twitter user wrote: “Would be a lot more impressed if she’d turned up with a shopping bag with some sandwiches, bottles of water and a cup of coffee. That is what I do when I talk to homeless people.”