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NHS Tayside bans smoking​ on premises

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Smoking has now been banned on premises and grounds belonging to NHS Tayside’s mental health services.

Lighting up is already prohibited in the grounds of NHS Tayside buildings, including Ninewells.

The smoke-free status in the grounds of every hospital, health centre and NHS building across the country is part of a national drive to create a tobacco-free generation within Scotland by 2034.

Although many people believe smoking reduces stress, NHS Tayside said the cravings experiences by smokers actually lead to a rise in stress levels.

Consultant in public health pharmacy Andrew Radley said: “We recognise that stopping smoking can be very difficult, and want to do all we can to help our patients manage this.

“Therefore, all patients who smoke will be offered nicotine replacement therapy and/or other support.

“On discharge from hospital, patients will be given information about support services to help them remain smoke-free.”