New tax planned for watching adult content online

Viewers of adult content in the US could be forced to pay a tax, and there are reports that a similar law could be implemented in Britain.

New laws proposed in about a dozen states would require internet users to pay $20 (£15) per device that will be used to watch porn – be it a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Adult content would automatically be blocked until the internet-connected device is registered and the porn tax is paid.

Proponents claim such rules would protect minors from being able to access porn and curb problems including human trafficking, sexual assault and domestic violence.

No such law currently exists in Britain, but the Daily Star claims the UK Government has discussed a variant of it.

Arizona is one of the states where lawmakers have proposed such a tax.

Supporters claim porn is a public health problem and argue that a tax would cut down on issues such as sex trafficking, according to CBS News.

The act would require all new internet-enabled devices to be equipped with a porn filter that can be unlocked once a one-time fee is paid.

According to the CBS article, Kathleen Winn of the Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network said: “What we know about pornography is that it’s addictive. It actually affects the brain.

“Like any drug, like an addiction, you need more and more and more of it to get the same reaction from it as the first time you saw it.

“So yes, I absolutely believe pornography is contributing to the growing criminal enterprise of sex trafficking.”

She compared a porn tax to existing taxes on purchases of cigarettes and alcohol.

Critics fear that similar laws could be used to stifle freedom of speech.

South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Texas are also looking at versions of the Human Trafficking Prevention Act.

The measure has already been rejected by lawmakers in North Dakota and Wyoming.