Report says terrorism prevention is one of six key themes to make Dundee safer place

The Dundee Community Safety Partnership has unveiled a new plan which aims to make the city a safer place to live over the course of the next five years.

The draft Dundee Community Safety Outcome Improvement Plan 2017/2022, set to go before councillors next week, aims to reduce crime, domestic abuse and antisocial behaviour.

It also aims to improve road safety in the city, reduce re-offending and improved fire safety in the local area.

The plan has six key themes of crime reduction, home and fire safety, antisocial behaviour, vulnerability, terrorism prevention and road safety.

Within those, the council and its partners — including Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the Dundee Alcohol and Drugs, Health and Social Care and Violence Against Women Partnerships — have more specific priorities such as bogus callers, discarded needles and antisocial use of motorbikes.

The report reads: “Crime affects everyone in society. Behind every statistic is a person, a family, a life influenced and sometimes completely changed by the experience.

“The partnership has a responsibility to the communities of Dundee to work to support the victims of crime to increase their confidence and resilience which it takes seriously.”

Progress will be measured in a year’s time.