New Dundee wakeboarding centre ‘fully booked’ during first two months

One of the directors of Dundee’s new wakeboarding centre has said the venture is off to a “really good start” — with more than 1,500 sessions having taken place in the first two months.

Watersports attraction Foxlake Dundee opened its doors at Victoria Quay on August 25.

James Barbour, a director with owner Foxlake Adventures, said some days had seen their schedules fully booked.

It’s the second cable wakeboarding site — which sees riders pulled along by a motor, rather than by a boat — the company has opened after its freshwater site in Dunbar, East Lothian.

James said: “We’re really happy with how it’s going so far.

Director James Barbour of Foxlake Adventures

“We’ve been introducing a lot of new people to wakeboarding and it’s going really well.”

However, with the winter months coming in, the centre is set to introduce a reduced schedule.

Despite this, James said he still expects there to be a healthy demand from experienced boarders.

He said: “We have a sister site in Liverpool that goes part-time during the winter.

“We’ll close our site in Dunbar at the end of November, as it is freshwater and falls to about 4C in winter.

“Dundee, meanwhile, has saltwater and it will probably remain at about 8C, which is quite balmy in comparison, so we will probably open Friday-Saturday.

“We’re hoping that some of our regulars there could come to Dundee for a weekend, which would be great.”

James added that the site had welcomed experienced wakeboarders, curious passersby, as well as guests of the adjacent Apex Hotel.

“We’ve sold a lot of our introductory packages and some weekends we’ve been fully booked,” he said.

“At times, the cables in Dundee have been as busy as our cables in Dunbar which is a great indication for its future.

“We’ve been treating these first two months as testing the market and what we thought would happen has happened.

“We’re seeing all sorts of people, from those who could be regulars to a different kind of client walking down from the Apex and getting into the water.

“We’ve gotten off to a really good start.”

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