New Dundee kebab shop: here are some of the unusual meals on offer

Dundee’s newest kebab shop opened its doors yesterday to a roaring trade.

German Doner Kebab (GDK) opened on Reform Street and shop bosses hailed the first day a success.

Franchisee Akky Hayat told the Tele: “It has been fantastic.

“We were quite nervous before opening and had high expectations and we met them.”

With doner kebabs normally associated with a trip home from a night out, Akky said GDK meals are made with quality meat and can be enjoyed day or night.

He added: “Normal doner contains of many other things. Ours is 100% meat.”

What sets GDK apart from the typical kebab shop is the variations of dishes, with even a Mexican touch on the traditionally Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Here are some of the unusual kebabs on offer, each come with three sauces (spicy, yoghurt and garlic) made to a secret recipe.

Doner quesadilla

A tortilla wrap filled with cheese, onion, jalapenos and doner meat and then grilled


Tortilla chips with salsa, meat, cheese sauce jalapenos and dusted with paprika.

Doner lahmacun wrap

A traditional Turkish pizza, but more like a wrap, the base has minced beef and is filled with doner and salad.

Durum donor wrap

A tortilla wrap with doner meat and salad.

Donor burger

Doner meat served on a burger roll with onion and salad. This comes with its own signature burger sauce.