New community larder to help tackle food poverty in Dundee

Some of the Community Larder volunteers with Tammie Brown, drop In volunteer and Gill Bain Link Up manager, front.
Some of the Community Larder volunteers with Tammie Brown, drop In volunteer and Gill Bain Link Up manager, front.

A volunteer project that supports people in the North East area of the city has launched a community food larder.

Link Up Whitfield is starting the service after consultation with volunteers and members of the local community.

The group works with residents in Whitfield to find out about the issues affecting them.

The Community Services Complex in Whitfield.

Manager Gill Bain said: “One of the things they identified was food poverty in the area.

“Some of the volunteers talked about community food larders which run elsewhere.

“It’s £2 per bag of food, with the money then going towards supplies for the following week. There is no stigma attached to it.

“It’s quite exciting – we have had a donation for the food larder from Tesco Hawkill.

“They gave us a great donation, which has been really helpful for getting the first lot of bags ready.

“We don’t have any idea how many people are going to come along but we have been told there is a great need for it.”

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Gill said they were keen to get the service up and running during the school holidays due to the added cost for parents.

She added: “We are anticipating quite a high demand and are quite excited to see how it progresses.”

Some of the Community Larder volunteers at the back with Tammie Brown, drop in volunteer and Gill Bain, Link Up manager, front.

The larder is open to anyone and will run on Thursdays from noon until 2pm at the Community Services Complex in Whitfield Drive.

Each week the bags will be made up of different types of food that the project gets from FareShare.

The group received funding earlier this year as part of a participatory budgeting event.

They were awarded £740 which was put towards buying a fridge and other necessities for the larder.

☕️ Food Larder starts today! ☕️Head over today between 12-2 for the first week of our food larder project!

Posted by Link Up Whitfield on Thursday, 11 July 2019

The larder will run in conjunction with Link Up’s programme of daily events.

Anyone wanting more information about Link Up Whitfield should visit the group’s Facebook page or call the centre on 01382 690950.