Neighbours pay tribute to ‘polite’ Dundee murder victim Mark

Police tape around the block of flats on Nursery Road

Tributes have been paid to a man murdered in a Dundee flat.

Mark Johnston, 53, was stabbed at a block of flats in Broughty Ferry’s Nursery Road.

Mark, from Montrose, is believed to have been visiting the area on Friday when he was killed.

Police swarmed the area and maintained a presence throughout the weekend, with an officer standing guard at the block of flats.

Residents told of hearing an argument between two males on the night, which got “louder and louder”.

A 44-year-old man has been detained in connection with the investigation.

He is currently being treated in hospital under supervision.

No one has been charged by the force at this stage.

Ferry Street, Montrose

Mark’s neighbours in Montrose spoke of their shock at his murder, describing him as a “polite” man who kept to himself to himself.

John Provan, who lives on Ferry Street in the Angus town, told the Tele: “He was very polite. He would take his hat off to you in the morning if you were sweeping the landing, that sort of thing.

“He would go to Dundee quite a lot.

“I saw him waiting for the bus sometimes to go to Dundee.

“I’m totally shocked about what has happened.

“The police were here all day Saturday and Saturday night, and then into Sunday.”

Another neighbour of Mark’s said: “I saw him a couple of times a year at most. He was polite and kept himself to himself.

“He was not the type of person to get into a fight. He was scared by his own shadow.”

Nursery Road resident Kevin Beaton, 56, previously told the Tele: “The argument got louder and louder and then there was silence — it was eerie.

“I think I knew straight away that something terrible had happened.

“There was so much shouting and then just that awful silence.

“After silence for a little while, a dog began barking and that went on and on.

“Next thing there were police everywhere. I also saw an ambulance but I never saw anyone being put into the back of it.

“This is a horrible thing to have happened.”