Marie Low murder trial: Onlooker told accused she was ‘getting it’ after alleged stabbing

Ballantrae Terrace after the incident

A woman accused of murdering a Dundee mum was told she was “getting it” by an onlooker as she was taken into custody, a court has heard.

Siobhan Russell is standing trial accused of striking 36-year-old Marie Low on the body with a knife at Ballantrae Terrace on September 4 last year, murdering her.

Russell’s trial began on Tuesday at the High Court in Aberdeen.

She has denied the charges against her, lodging a special defence of self-defence.

The court heard evidence from the accused’s friend Leanne Carty, 34, who had been due to cook tea for her on the day of Ms Low’s death.

She told the court she had seen police cars outside Russell’s home in the immediate aftermath of the incident and phoned her.

Ms Carty told the court that Russell had answered the phone crying and said: “Leanne I have to go, the police are coming. I just stabbed Marie.”

Marie Low

Russell was then said to have hung up the phone.

Advocate depute Alan Cameron asked Ms Carty what she did after the phone call.

She said: “I went to her house but the police were there. I saw her being taken out of the house by police officers.”

Under cross examination, Iain Paterson, defending for Russell, also asked for her recollection of the events following the call.

The court heard she had seen a number of people outside the property and then that Russell was brought out by police. She said that a woman called Karen Low shouted “you are getting it” and that the accused replied: “What was I meant to do — she came at me.”

The court also heard evidence from Ballantrae Terrace resident Jemma Sproull, 20, who witnessed the events prior to Russell’s arrest from her living room window.

Ms Sproull told of seeing “three females fighting” outside her home on the day of Ms Low’s death.

Part of her statement was also read, stating: “It was two against one.

“When I first looked out the window, I thought that the girl on her own was going to get battered by the other two girls. Siobhan Russell was on the ground and Marie had hold of her hair and Jamie-Lee was kicking her on the head.”

The witness said that Ms Low’s eldest daughter Demi Hodge, 20, then arrived at the scene.

She said she heard Russell shout: “Well you shouldn’t have come to my door” and that someone said “something about her having a knife.”

The court previously heard testimony from Ms Low’s daughter Jamie-Lee Low, 18, who told the court Russell stabbed her mum in front of her. She also said Russell held the knife to Ms Low’s throat.

Ms Low’s daughter Demi also took to the stand and recounted the moment she grabbed Russell’s hand, which contained the knife allegedly used in the incident.

Russell, formerly of Ballantrae Terrace, faces a charge of murdering the deceased with a knife.

The trial continues.