Hilarious mix-up sees Scarlett, 3, turn up for official photo in Halloween outfit

Scarlett Campbell with mum Lisa and a copy of the photo she had taken in her Halloween costume.

A girl ended up having her official nursery photo taken in her Halloween costume — after she turned up in fancy dress on the wrong day.

Scarlett Campbell, 3, went to Burnside Nursery in Carnoustie with bright pink hair and face-paint dressed as Trolls character Princess Poppy.

But she was a day early for her party — and it happened to be the day she was having her official photo taken.

Mum Lisa, 32, got her days mixed up — but now plans to order copies of the image after laughing the mishap off.

Scarlett with her photo.

She told the Tele: “For some reason both myself and my husband Neil were positive Halloween was on Monday.

“Scarlett loves dressing up so I said she could go to nursery in her costume and she was so excited.

“It wasn’t until I got to the nursery that one of the other parents told me it was picture day — I hadn’t noticed the letter in Scarlett’s nursery bag.

“I couldn’t believe I had got the dates mixed up.”

Scarlett went to nursery dressed up as a troll character.

Although Scarlett was the only youngster dressed up, Lisa said it didn’t faze her.

“Scarlett thought it was amazing. She rode her bike down to nursery with a massive grin on her face thinking she was great,” said Lisa.

“She has so many different costumes — whenever she comes in from nursery she will want one of her dresses on straight away, so it didn’t bother her at all.”

Her photo has now been shared more than 100 times on Facebook after her uncle Martin Reid, 30, uploaded it.

Mum Lisa at home with Scarlett

He said: “I found out about the school photo on Tuesday night — my sister came bursting into the house with the picture in her hand and told me what had happened.

“When I saw the photo I thought I would just put it up on Facebook so others could have a bit of a laugh.

“It will be a great photo to pull out when Scarlett is older.”

Scarlett was able to wear her costume again on Tuesday — the actual day of her party.