Dundee MSP hopes for ‘more consistent’ sentences for child sex abusers

Dundee MSP Shona Robison has welcomed plans to develop sentencing guidelines for sexual offences, saying tackling such crimes should be “an absolute priority”.

The Scottish Sentencing Council has published its latest business plan, which includes proposals to develop guidelines for sentencing offenders found guilty of sex crimes.

Ms Robison met with the Scottish Sentencing Council in September to discuss the process through which guidelines for sentencing on sexual offences against children could be established.

Dundee MSP Shona Robison

The Dundee East MSP has also encouraged the sentencing council to consider holding a wider public consultation in Dundee, in response to the Tele’s Our Kids Need Justice campaign.

Ms Robison said: “I welcome the news that the Scottish Sentencing Council is to begin the process of developing sentencing guidelines for sexual offences.

“Tackling these horrific crimes must be an absolute priority and guidelines could provide better consistency in sentencing.

“The process through which these guidelines are developed must be rigorous, and the correct processes must be followed to ensure that the independence of the judiciary is preserved. We must ensure that the right guidelines are developed which will help to ensure justice for victims.

“I look forward to hearing more about the Scottish Sentencing Council’s progress.”