MP urges parents to check children’s whereabouts after spate of incidents

Kirstene Hair MP

An MP has urged parents in Forfar to check on the whereabouts of their children amid a spate of disturbances caused by young people.

Over the past few weeks, police officers have been regularly called out to deal with gangs of 20-30 youths near the town’s former Lochside Leisure Centre.

The force has received numerous reports of under-age drinking and vandalism by teenagers who have been congregating near the recently-closed centre.

Damage has been caused to the former outdoor playing courts and the fencing around the crazy golf course, while items have been thrown at cars.

The enclosed garden at the Ranger Visitor Centre has also suffered damage.

A caravan and car at Lochside Caravan Park were also vandalised when a piece of concrete was thrown over the perimeter fence.

After joining officers on patrol, Angus MP Kirstene Hair said the key to tackling antisocial behaviour begins at home.

“I was disappointed to hear the centre has become a hotspot for problems so soon after closing,” she said. “It’s deteriorating and presents a danger to those trying to gain access.

“Every one of these children has a parent or guardian who is responsible for them.

“For safety’s sake, I urge them to check on where their children are at night, before there is a terrible accident.”

The Conservative MP was given the chance to go out “on the beat” with officers in both Forfar and Arbroath as part of her constituency work.