Morrisons vows to get more ‘Volcanic Vindaloo’ curries after Dundee store sells out by 9am

Morrisons has said it is working “as fast as we can” to replenish stocks of a limited edition curry, 200 times hotter than the standard jalapeno pepper, after they were all snapped up.

The Dundee store was sold out of the ready meals by 9am today, a store worker said, when the Tele visited this morning.

It’s not known exactly when the Afton Way shop will get them back in stock, but Morrisons has pledged to get more for those daring to try it.

Morrisons in Dundee

A Morrisons spokesman said: “During National Curry Week people really have wanted a very hot curry and demand for the Volcanic Vindaloo has been very strong.

“There may be some local shortages and we’re working as fast as we can to get more of these amazing curries on to our shelves.”

The curry is said to be so hot that an age limit has been placed on the sale of it. Only those over 16 can purchase the £1.50 dish.

Morrisons puts age warning on ‘Volcanic Vindaloo’ that is 200-times hotter than normal curries