More car parking spaces at Dundee’s riverside welcomed

© DC ThomsonRiverside Drive in Dundee.
Riverside Drive in Dundee.

News of increased car parking at Dundee’s Riverside Drive has been welcomed by a city councillor.

West End Lib Dem councillor Fraser Macpherson said he was delighted to announce that more car parking spaces will soon be available.

Mr Macpherson said: “Earlier this year, I advised that a positive byproduct of the flooding defence works now nearing completion along Riverside Drive was my request to have the long- unprepared parking area to the west of the area properly surfaced for the first time, greatly increasing the amount of parking with a quality surface.

“The city council has now updated me on its plans.

“Half of the area has been surfaced with bituminous material and formally marked out as a car park, providing 65 spaces.

“This is in addition to the 26 spaces at the Bridgeview Cafe area.

“In the other half of the area, which is yet to be opened as a further overflow car park of a similar capacity, the surface is to be sub-base material as per the Yeaman Shore car park.

“If required in the future, this area can be formally surfaced and marked out.

“The contractor is currently using the sub-base area to the west for storage and still has some finishing work to complete.”