Missing cat’s return after seven months is purrfect birthday gift for Dundee girl

Rebecca-Rose McCreadie at home with her beloved cat Frankie.
Rebecca-Rose McCreadie at home with her beloved cat Frankie.

A little girl wept tears of joy after her beloved pet cat, which had been missing for seven months, returned home on her birthday.

Two-year-old Frankie disappeared from the Watsons’ family home in Lochee in September.

A search was launched, with locals joining in to try to locate the lost feline.

The family also put posters up around the area and circulated appeals on social media — but Frankie was nowhere to be found.

Mum Maxine, 33, said the family had given up hope — and even got a new cat to try to cheer up children Rebecca-Rose and 17-year-old Devin.

But as Rebecca-Rose was celebrating her 12th birthday, the family received the call they never expected to get — Frankie had been found near Blackness Road and had been handed in to the PDSA.

The St Joseph’s Primary School pupil described the moment she was told Frankie would be coming home after being missing for so long.

She said: “I just froze — I couldn’t believe it. I literally dropped to the floor and started crying.

“I thought I would never see him again.

Frankie the cat

“It was definitely my favourite birthday present.

“I have just been spending all the time I can with Frankie, playing with him, cuddling him and doing everything I can to make him happy.”

Rebecca-Rose also thanked all the people who initially joined in the search for Frankie and everyone who helped bring him home.

Maxine today called on locals to make sure that their pet cats were microchipped — saying that they would never have got Frankie back if it hadn’t been for that.

She said: “Who knows what would have happened? No one would have known who he was.

“It only costs £20 and this shows that the money is worth it.”

Maxine also extended a special thanks to the family who found Frankie and contacted the PDSA.

She added: “A massive thank you to them.

“I am so grateful that they got his chip checked and we got Frankie home.

“The kids were both totally over the moon.”