MILLENNIUM MANAGERS: Special Tele series looks at Dundee and United managers over last 19 years

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Since the turn of the century, Dundee and Dundee United have had an incredible 23 team managers between them.

Claudio Caniggia in action for Dundee.

For a few, there was success, for many, there was failure, but, for all, there was a desire, sometimes in the face of adversity, to put a team on the park the fans of each club could be proud of.

With so much going on behind the scenes, it’s arguably not surprising many managers have struggled to assemble teams capable of sustaining success over a prolonged period.

Tonight, Tele Sport begins a five-part series on the city’s ‘Millennium Managers’

In today’s first part of our five-piece special, we go back in time to the year 2000.

Ivano Bonnetti was pulling off a sensational coup by bringing Claudia Canniggia to Dens Park while Alex Smith was quietly going about his business at Tannadice.

See today’s Evening Telegraph for the first part of this fascinating look at the managers from the city’s ‘Twa Teams’ – also available online.