Man with candlestick holder shouted and swore at concierge at Dundee multi

Bonnethill Court, Hilltown
Bonnethill Court, Hilltown

A man shouted and swore at concierge staff while holding a large wooden candlestick holder at a Dundee multi.

Before his outburst, Szymon Pawlowski, 35, of Dallfield Court, repeatedly phoned the concierge office at Bonnethill Court.

Fiscal depute Kirsten Letford told Dundee Sheriff Court that Pawlowski was phoning to complain about another male being a “nuisance”.

She said: “He was told that police were dealing with it and there was nothing they could do.

“He became irate and contacted them a further two times.”

Pawlowski then went to the concierge office and was aggressive, shouting and swearing at a male member of staff.

The fiscal said: “The concierge asked the accused to calm down, then he noticed the accused was holding a large wooden item in his hand. He did not brandish the item but, due to his aggression and the fact he had no other reason to be there, the concierge felt threatened.”

Police came to Pawlowski’s flat and he identified a large wooden candlestick holder as the item he had been holding.

Speaking for himself at court, Pawlowski said: “I was trying to get help as I saw police come in – I was trying to tell them about the drunk guy below my balcony that had been screaming for two hours.

“I had been attacked by three guys who came to my side. They had two glasses of beer in their hands. I thought I was going to get it put on my head. All I was doing was self defence. I was scared.”

Pawlowski admitted aggressive behaviour by shouting and swearing while in possession of the large wooden object on June 8. Sentence was deferred until April 17.