Man threw child’s scooter through glass window after being chucked out of Dundee house party

Dunmore Street (library picture)

A man who threw a child’s scooter through a double-glazed window has been locked up.

Charlie Anderson, Baledgarno, Perth, committed the offence while at a party in Dundee’s Dunmore Street.

He had been drinking at the party but was ejected after misbehaving along with some others.

Depute fiscal Isma Mukhtar told Dundee Sheriff Court two glass panes were smashed as a result of Anderson’s actions.

She told the court: “He returned and tried to gain entry but when he was told he was not welcome he threw a child’s scooter through a window.

“Two panes of double glazing were smashed.”

She said when the 26-year-old was traced by police in Dunmore Street it was clear he had been assaulted by some other persons as justice for what had occurred at the house.

The damage to the window was put at £200, the fiscal told the court.

Solicitor Kevin Hampton, defending, said: “Summary justice had indeed been meted out.”

Anderson was ordered to serve 60 days in prison by Sheriff Mark Thorley.

The court heard that Anderson committed the offence on June 4.

He admitted that he did wilfully or recklessly destroy or damage property belonging to another by striking a window with a scooter.