Man smashed stepdad’s car windows and battered him with hammer in Dundee

Hill Street, Dundee (stock image)

A thug who smashed the windows of his stepfather’s car before battering him with a hammer has been jailed for two years and eight months.

Thomas Flynn was spotted walking down Dundee’s Hill Street on October 7 last year — before stopping at Martin Clark’s car and smashing four of its windows with a hammer.

When Mr Clark went to remonstrate and pull Flynn away, the assailant turned the hammer on him and assaulted him.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard Flynn had earlier been involved in a spate of crimes at an industrial area in Dundee.

He smashed his way in to nine cars, stealing property from them and damaging others.

Fiscal depute Charmaine Gilmartin told the court: “Around 5pm on October 7, Mr Clark was outside his house and saw the accused coming down the road.

“He went to Mr Clark’s vehicle and used a hammer to smash the front and back windscreens and two passenger windows.

“Mr Clark tried to disarm him, which resulted in an altercation.

“He was hit on the arm with the hammer and punched in the face.

“Police were called by a member of the public and when they arrived the accused was still there.”

Flynn, 39, a prisoner at Perth, pleaded guilty on indictment to a total of 11 charges of theft, vandalism and assault.

Solicitor Andy Lyall said: “The complainer is his stepfather.

“The accused’s position is that Mr Clark introduced him to valium, though he took it for presumably legitimate reasons, but would give it to the accused on request.”

Flynn had previously admitted a total off 11 offences.

He admitted breaking into several cars at Taygate Trading Estate in Coldside Road, stealing items including a satellite navigation system, a computer, work tools, a mobile telephone and a car radio on July 1 last year.

He also admitted intending to steal items and damaging cars, scratching paintwork, at the estate.

Sheriff Alastair Brown jailed Flynn for 32 months.