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Local man remanded after repeatedly telling sheriff his name was Casper the Ghost

The real Casper the Friendly Ghost

A former volleyball player has been locked up after appearing in court and telling a sheriff he was Casper the Friendly Ghost.

The 33-year-old repeatedly confirmed that his name was Casper as he faced charges of threatening to attack Crown Office staff.

The accused claimed to be the cartoon ghost after being asked by the clerk of Perth Sheriff Court if his name was Remiguisz Hildebrandt.

Sheriff William Wood asked him: “What’s your name sir?” The accused replied: “Casper the Ghost.”

Sheriff Wood said: “I am afraid you will need to be remanded, Casper, for a mental health assessment. I will remand you so a professional can see you.”

Hildebrandt, of St Andrew Street, Perth, faces two charges of causing fear or alarm to members of the prosecution service by threatening them.

It is alleged that he carried out the first offence at the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service on Chambers Street, Edinburgh, last Wednesday.

He is accused of repeatedly making threats of violence and threats to harm employees. The second charge alleges that he caused fear or alarm the following day by again making threats to harm employees of the service.

Solicitor Linda Clark said: “I was asked to speak with him as duty agent. He can’t confirm his name and I am not able to take any form of instruction from him.” He was remanded in custody for assessment.