Man living off grid in Dundee joined by companion for a ‘simpler life’

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A man who has been living off grid next to a dual carriageway for the past four months has been joined by a companion in search of a simpler life.

George Short revealed in April he had turned his life around after escaping the trials and tribulations of modern society.

He said he had plans to travel but vowed he would always return to the camp which has become his home.

The Tele went to catch up with the former storeman, who revealed he was joined by 18-year-old Sam Mackenzie two weeks after pitching up near Broughty Ferry Road.

George said: “I’ve no regrets about taking this decision. I’ve been trying to help others in the community and have been doing a lot of writing. Sam worked locally and joined me shortly after.

“This is public land, we would welcome others if they wished to join us or even just to come and have a chat.”

Sam, originally of Monifieth, is hoping to join the Army and has an interview next month.

Sam said: “I met George from working in the local area and things went from there. It wasn’t something I had seen before.

“I must have come in April, when my family heard what I was looking to do there were some concerns.

“Once they saw it, I think they were more understanding.

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​“I’d had a stressful time recently and when I came down and saw what George was doing, I thought it was ace.

“Certainly, the experience of coming down here and living on the land has given me the downtime I needed.”

George, 34, revealed since the first story was published in the Tele he has had people contacting him from all over the world.

He added: “It still makes me happy living down here.

“From when the first story went in the paper I’ve had people contacting me from Morocco and America.

“I plan to travel and set up camp in other areas but it would still be my intention to come back here.

“From living like this I think when you step back into modern society you take a look and see things that are wrong in the world.”

George had previously admitted he had been taking Class A substances just to get himself out of bed to enter the world of work. “My family still think it’s crazy taking on this change of lifestyle,” he said.

“There are certainly no plans to change from this way of living.”