Man left covered in glass after yobs smash Dundee bus window

An Xplore No 18 bus on its route at Arklay Street near Dens Road.

A passenger was left covered in glass after vandals smashed a window on a Dundee bus.

The number 18 service — which runs between the city centre and Kirkton — was targeted by a group of youths in Dens Road at around 5pm on Monday.

One of the passengers on the Xplore Dundee bus described hearing a “huge crash” before seeing glass shatter over a man in his twenties.

The bus was stationary when a stone was thrown at the window next to the raised seating at the front of the vehicle.

Xplore withdrew the service and a replacement bus was called out. No injuries were reported.

Witness Yvonne Donaldson, 58, said the youths believed to be involved in the incident were seen running off towards Dura Street.

She said: “I was sitting on the bus when it was stationary and the next thing we heard was just a huge crash.

“I turned round and a stone had been thrown through the window. A young lad in his twenties was covered in glass — he got really lucky actually, it could’ve been a lot worse.”

She added: “We all got a real fright, the young lad was really shaken but thankfully he was all right. The driver actually said he couldn’t take the bus any further so we had to just wait on the bus while they sent for another one. I think it was a group of kids who had thrown the stones but they ran off down towards the Lidl at Dura Street.”

A spokeswoman for Xplore Dundee said the firm was investigating an incident of “antisocial behaviour” involving one of its buses.

She added: “No one was injured, but one of our buses was damaged.

“This sort of irresponsible act puts our customers and drivers at risk.

“As safety is our top priority we are always working with Police Scotland and community safety partners to prosecute offenders and educate young people about antisocial behaviour on or around our buses.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said officers were aware of the incident and were making inquiries.