Man fined for Christmas Day headbutting attack on Dundee pub worker

Duke's Corner

A man who butted a staff member at a pub on Christmas Day, knocking out one of his teeth, has been ordered to pay him £500 compensation.

Nicholas Gasowski, 28, of Roseangle, was also fined £400 by Sheriff Derek Reekie after he admitted assaulting Andrew Marley, an employee at Duke’s Corner.

Fiscal depute Marie Irvine told the city’s sheriff court Gasowski had been asked to leave the pub following an argument and Mr Marley, who had just finished his shift at the bar, was asked to assist the manager in ejecting Gasowski.

After Mr Marley spoke to him, the accused walked away, but then turned and butted Mr Marley. Ms Irvine said Mr Marley lost an upper tooth in the attack.

Solicitor Gary McIlravey said Gasowski was employed in Poland as an English language teacher and travelled between Dundee and his home country once a month, and was in a position to pay a monetary penalty.

He added: “Drink had been taken and there had been an argument. He is thoroughly ashamed of his behaviour.”

Sheriff Reekie said: “This was clearly a deliberate attack.

“You went away and then came back, and as a result of the attack the victim lost a tooth. It is a serious assault with nasty consequences.”