Man accused of endangering Dundee police officer with bloodied needle

Catterline Crescent
Catterline Crescent

A man has denied placing a police officer in danger by having a bloodied needle hidden from view while he was being searched.

Brian Moses, 41, of Catterline Crescent, Dundee, had trial date set for June 26 after he denied that, on March 22, at Catterline Crescent, he culpably and recklessly pretended to PC Dean Morris, while knowing he was going to be searched, that he had no sharp objects on his person when he had uncapped needles, including a bloodied needle, concealed in his clothing and in his hand.

He also denied possessing heroin on the same date at the same place.

Moses also denied that, on February 23, at Debenhams in Overgate, he stole jeans; on August 1 2017, at Adamson Court, he stole a TV, clothing and fragrance; on November 11 2017, at Debenhams in Overgate, he stole shirts and at Sports Direct, Overgate, he stole clothing. Sheriff Tom Hughes set an intermediate diet for June 5.