Man accused of attempting to murder police officer in Tayport appears in court for second time

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A man accused of trying to murder a police officer in Tayport has appeared in court for the second time.

Graeme Davidson, 37, appeared on petition today at Dundee Sheriff Court charged with stabbing the officer at Lundin Crescent in the early hours of June 29.

Prosecutors allege Davidson assaulted PC Derek Laing by striking him on the body with a knife or similar instrument to his injury and to the danger of his life and did attempt to murder him.

He is further accused of assaulting a woman by seizing her neck and placing her in a headlock while on bail on June 28 at the same address.

Another charge alleges Davidson assaulted the same woman by placing his hand around her neck and pinning her down on a bed while on bail on June 28 and June 29.

Davidson, of Lundin Crescent, is additionally charged with attempting to headbutt PC Paddy Paterson at police headquarters on West Bell Street West Bell Street on June 29.

He continued to make no plea or declaration when he appeared at a short, private hearing before Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC.

Davidson was fully committed for trial and remanded in custody meantime.