Man, 25, branded himself ‘Jihadi John’ and threatened to blow up Dundee police HQ

A vile thug who claimed to be a terrorist and branded himself “Jihadi John” during an horrific dirty protest in the back of a police van – threatening to shoot cops and blow up a police station – was today jailed.

John Simpson had to be extracted from the van by riot police after defecating in a cage within it and threatening to throw excrement at police who opened the doors.

He then claimed “they don’t call me Jihadi John for nothing – I’ve been done for terrorism” and said that he would blow up Dundee police HQ and shoot officers dealing with him.

Police had been called to an address in Arbroath earlier on September 28 this year after reports he was lurking around his ex-partner’s house in possession of two knives.

Simpson’s lawyer said he had downed so much whisky prior to the incident that he couldn’t remember what he had done.

Fiscal depute Charmaine Gilmartin said he was later found in the area having disposed of two kitchen knives under a hedge.

She said: “When he was searched he repeatedly shouted the shoulder numbers of the police involved and threatened both ‘I’ll personally put a bullet through your head’.

“He was taken to Dundee police HQ and whilst en route he defecated and smeared it inside the van.

“Thereafter he stated ‘I’m going to blow up Bell Street [Dundee’s police HQ], they don’t call me Jihadi John for nothing, I’ve been done for terrorism’.

Jihadi John

“He thereafter threatened to throw faeces over whoever opened the van door.

“Police Operational Support Unit specialist officers attended and he was shortly thereafter removed from the van.

“Whilst at the charge bar he acted aggressively and said he would shoot the OSU officers and threatened their families.”

Simpson, 25, a prisoner at HMP Perth, pleaded guilty on indictment to possessing knives in Arbroath’s Newton Crescent and behaving in a threatening and abusive manner on a journey from there to Dundee’s Police HQ the same day.

Police HQ in Bell Street, Dundee

Defence solicitor Scott Norrie said: “He has an extremely poor record for such a young man.

“He had drunk a lot of whisky and taken Valium and his memory is pretty much non existent.

“When I went over the statements from police with him he was astounded at what he had done.”

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael jailed Simpson for a total of 18 months.

He said: “Police doing their duty to protect the public were faced by you thraetening to smear them with your own excrement and threatening to shoot them.

“You threatened further violence to them and their families.

“It goes way beyond the type of behaviour police should have to endure from people in their custody.”