LOVING LIFE: Stevie’s persistence finally paid off as he swept Jenna off her feet

The happy couple on their wedding day - and early-on in their relationship.

Jenna Smith was working part-time as a barmaid at the Dee Club in Lochee — and it seemed as if Stevie Monaghan was never out of the place.

“Every time he was in he’d have a few pints and ask me out,” recalls Jenna, 31.

“And he always got the same answer – no!”

It seems the charms of Mr Monaghan were irresistible after all, because this loved-up couple have now been together for nine years and have sealed the deal with a beautiful wedding at the West Park Conference Centre in Dundee.

Both Lochee born and bred, Jenna is a butcher to trade while Stevie, 40, works for a pharmaceutical company.

“I kept knocking him back,” said Jenna.

“Then we bumped into each other on a night out in town, got chatting and he came across as such a fun person.

From left: Sammy Hamilton, Joanne Maguire, Kerri Dolan, Jenna Smith with baby Stevie, Stevie Monaghan with three-year-old Liam, Gary Monaghan, Kylie Smith, Danny McNamee and Stuart Gowans. Images courtesy of Godfrey Mordente Photography.

“Later, he got my number from a friend and our first date was at Sandy’s in Liff Road. We’d planned to go to the pictures but we just sat and talked the night away. The chemistry was there and with Stevie it was one joke after another, he’s so funny.”

The pair totally clicked and as things progressed they got themselves a flat in Lochee.

Young Liam came along just over three years ago, later joined by 19-month-old daughter Stevie, and they now live in a cosy family home in Menzieshill.

Stevie finally proposed at Christmas last year but Jenna admits: “I’d been dropping a few hints.”

And the wedding was everything they’d ever hoped for.

Best man was Stevie’s cousin Garry Monaghan and the ushers were all long-time pals from Planet Bar FC — Danny McNamee, Stuart Gowans and Sammy Hamilton.

Jenna’s maid of honour was close friend Kerri Dolan and the bridesmaids were her younger sister Kylie and Joanne MacGuire.

So what makes Jenna such a star?

“We were best pals as much as anything else,” said Stevie, “and she’s a brilliant mum.

“She just can’t do enough around the house and it’s only when I’m at home with the kids that I realise how much she has to handle.

“And best of all she gave me the most important thing in the world – the kids.”

Jenna said there’s a lot to love about Stevie. “He’s a big, strong typical bloke but he’s got a caring side too — he can express himself.”

The wedding itself was superb and brought so many family and friends together.

Jenna was given away by her dad Billy, and Stevie’s parents Tommy and Maureen from Lochee were also there.

Big thanks go to Lisa McDougall, Ashley Mau and Becky Knight for helping to make Jenna extra bonny for her big day.

The couple also want to thank Godfrey Mordente for his brilliant photographs, as well as Dayle McGurty and his dad for the entertainment.

Last word from Stevie. “It was an amazing day and all the people who came along made it unforgettable for us,” he said.

“All those people that you know going back through the years but you don’t really appreciate how special they are until a day like that.”