LOVING LIFE: Couple on the same wave length with surprise wedding

Charming in its simplicity, awesome in its location and a complete surprise for both of their families, the wedding of Kim Dickson and Andrew McMurray was really rather special.

And while it was literally on the other side of the world, they also managed to turn it into a little piece of Dundee for the night!

Kim, 32, grew up in Douglas and is an events manager, while Andrew, 40, is station manager at Wave 102 and hails from Lochee.

They first met at the radio station some years ago, worked well together and became pals but their lives went in different directions until the late summer of 2010 when their paths crossed once more.

Before long it became obvious they were made for each other – they liked the same things, their personalities complemented one another and an engagement seemed imminent.

But suddenly there was so much more to deal with.

Kim and Andrew’s daughter Grace came along in 2011 and two years later Kim lost her mum Tracey.

Following that heartbreak and just to give themselves some time and space, they travelled to Australia to visit Kim’s close pal Nicole Fitzpatrick who’s originally from Broughty but emigrated to Perth, Western Australia, five years ago.

It was a brilliant trip and they knew that when the time was right, Australia was going to be where they would get married.

Kim and Andrew McMurray with brides’ maid Nicole and ‘best man’ Mark

“We wanted to do something that was a break from tradition,” said Kim. “It just felt like the right thing to do.”

So a few weeks ago, they went back to Oz and that’s exactly what they did!

“We had considered it the first time we went out there but life had been a little bit crazy,” said Kim.

“But this time it was timed around Andrew’s 40th birthday.”

Andrew said: “When we first discussed it, Kim said if she found the perfect dress it was a ‘sign’ that an Australian wedding was meant to be.”

And find it she did, at Annarose Bridal Boutique in Bank Street.

Kim said Ann Elder and Jenna Longmuir at the boutique were “amazing”.

As all this was taking place, Nicole was playing her part thousands of miles away, organising other elements of the special day.

When Kim and Andrew flew out, the only other people who knew what was planned were Nicole, Grace and Grace’s teacher — who didn’t spill the beans!

The venue was Kings Park, a park and botanical garden, and the ceremony was conducted by Aberdeen-born celebrant Joyce Mather.

Kim’s bridesmaid was Nicole, whose husband Mark was the official witness and unofficial best man.

He’s also from Dundee and so too was another of the guests, Sammy Fraser, who did Kim’s hair. She’s originally from Fintry and now lives in Australia.

Andrew was resplendent in Hebridean Night tartan and they even found a piper — Dave Sinclair, who is also originally from Fintry and currently lives Down Under in Perth.

There were some beautiful touches — the first toast was in a traditional quaich and a candle was lit for Kim’s mum.

A beautiful touch with Kim’s mum on her bouquet.

As the sun set, the party travelled a short distance to Breakwater, a stylish restaurant and function suite in Hillary’s Harbour that fronts a picturesque marina full of yachts and sleek cruisers.

There was a joyous and intimate party and then next day the couple phoned home to tell family and friends the great news.

“I called my mum,” said Andrew, “told her I’d got married and her reaction was ‘Um… OK then’.”

The couple are now back home in Dundee and plans are in place for a celebration for all the wider family. Among those eagerly awaiting the event are Andrew’s children Ellis, 11, and Ben, 7.

So what’s the secret of their happiness?

“Kim’s got a wonderful personality and a wonderful smile,” said Andrew. “She’s so confident and independent.

“And let’s face it, every great guy deserves a great woman at his side!”

Kim let that one go and added: “I used to call him my ‘Edward’, after the character in Pretty Woman, because he’s such a gentleman.

“He’s a great hands-on dad and loves being with the family, enjoying family time.”