LOVING LIFE: Birthday party led to wedding bells for Gemma and Scott

It’s funny the things that get your attention when you first meet someone.

Maybe it’s those enchanting eyes, perhaps it’s their warmth and humour, or maybe it’s when you realise they’ve just nicked your slice of cheesecake.

Gemma Smith denies this ever happened, of course, and it doesn’t really matter as it helped start a loving relationship that was sealed in a beautiful, sun-dappled wedding in one of the prettiest parts of Perthshire.

Scott Strachan, 29, who hails from Stobswell and is a trainer with SSE, is completely over the cheesecake incident — but still getting over the fact that he’s met and married such an amazing lady.

Scott and Gemma Strachan

Scott said: “I first saw Gemma in a gym class at a hall in Killiecrankie —but we didn’t really speak until we met at a mutual friend’s birthday party on June 14 2014.

“I had cheesecake. It was there on a plate in front of me and suddenly it was gone — but that’s what got us talking.

“We seemed to be just talking all night. I guessed I was making a good impression but at one point went to get another drink and I heard Gemma say ‘where’s the ginger guy gone?’. So she’d forgotten my name already!”

They were an established item within a couple of weeks and haven’t looked back.

They now stay out by Dalguise and Scott says he knew Gemma, 30, from Ballinluig, was “the one” from early on.

He continued: “I decided it was time to propose when we got to our two-year anniversary. Gemma’s really into folk rock, sort of modern ceilidh music I guess you’d say.

“Her favourite band is Skerryvore, who are from Tiree, and I got in touch with them and asked if they’d help.

“They put together a little video clip — maybe eight seconds long — saying thanks for being a fan, Gemma, and Scott’s got something to ask you — and then I produce the ring.

“At first she seemed more interested in how I’d got the band to do a video for her but then there were tears and I got an answer to the question!”

The wedding was at the Hermitage, Dunkeld, where they’d enjoyed their first date together and it was a perfect fusion of the traditional and the contemporary.

Gemma’s besties were the bridesmaids — Amanda Blair and Debbie McLauchlan — while the best man was Scott’s long-time pal and former flatmate Sam Wood.

Gemma’s dress was by Katy’s Company, of Perth, and she was given away by dad Kevin.

The “fantastic” band was Sahara, from Edinburgh, and the wedding cake was cheese and made by Veronika Petrickova, at the Cheese Byre in Perth.

The ceremony featured an old-school hand-binding and when it was time for the photographs, the sun came out specially.

“I am just so happy,” said Scott.

“Gemma’s so grounded, so down-to-earth — and she’s the organised one.”

So, Gemma? What makes Scott such a keeper?

She said: “He’s so kind and caring. He always puts me first and is good at cooking my dinner!

“He’s also very handsome and makes me giggle. I love him so much and I love how much fun we have together as a couple.”

It’s obvious — these two are made for each other.