LOVING LIFE: Betty helped nurse Walter back to health — and they’ve been together since

Betty and Walter pictured as they are today and, right, on their wedding day.

He was a young man in hospital feeling very unhappy; she was the teenage nurse who held his hand.

Now they’re celebrating having been happily married for 60 years.

Walter Blacklaw was born in Caldrum Street and was an apprentice electrician when he found himself beset by medical problems.

Betty Clacher was from Falkland and helped look after him when he was a patient in the old Bridge of Earn Hospital.

They kept in touch, became engaged in 1951 and were married in Auchtermuchty with a reception in the town’s hotel.

Difficulty kneeling forced Walter, now 86, to leave his job as a sparky and he later worked in the Astral factory making fridges and spin dryers.

He then went to night-school to obtain the necessary qualifications to enter teacher training and now he’s best remembered as having been a teacher at Rockwell Primary for more than 20 years.

Elizabeth, 83, devoted her life to nursing and retired at the age of 60.

Their first home was a “but and ben with an outside toilet” in Baxter Street but they have lived in Old Glamis Road since 1969.

They have three daughters — Leslie, Elaine and Valeen — and five grandchildren.

Family travelled from as far as London to celebrate their diamond anniversary at the Birkhill Inn.

So what’s the secret of a long and happy marriage?

“Carry on courting,” said Walter. “I don’t think we’ve had any real arguments during all this time!”