‘Look what drug did to our Lennon’: Dundee family in pill warning as 14-year-old left fighting for life

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The family of a 14-year-old boy left fighting for his life after taking a tablet have released a photo of him in his hospital bed — to show the impact the drug has had on him.

Lennon McKay fell unconscious at home in Downfield a few days before Christmas after swallowing a red and white capsule.

He was taken to Ninewells Hospital and spent days in unconscious, only waking up on Hogmanay.

But the St John’s High School pupil remains seriously ill in the high-dependency unit and faces a “very long road” to recovery.

The circumstances in which he took the pill remain a mystery but it’s believed the capsule contained a combination of substances including MDMA (ecstasy) and a type of amphetamine.

The incident prompted police to issue a warning to others about the tablets, with a 13-year-old boy also receiving treatment after taking a similar pill.

Lennon’s family have now taken the decision to release a photo of the youngster, hooked up to wires in hospital, to show the impact taking a drug has had.

Lennon’s aunt Ashley Moodie with her daughter Stacie, 13

His aunt Ashley Moodie, 37, told the Tele about the nightmare Lennon’s relatives have gone through — and how they were told three times that he could die. She said: “We want people to see what this did to Lennon.

“He was unconscious for 10 days and during that time we were told three times to prepare ourselves for the worst.

“We were also warned that if he did survive he could be brain-damaged. Lennon has suffered liver, kidney and muscle damage as a result of taking this capsule.

“He woke up on Hogmanay but remains very ill and is receiving dialysis every day. He has also developed pneumonia.

“Lennon has been allowed out of ICU but remains in the high-dependency unit in the Children’s Hospital. His speech is still not back properly and he is still not able to walk — his muscles have broken down.

“He is very frustrated and very withdrawn.

“He used to be such a happy, cheeky, Jack the Lad boy — the life and soul. We are now doing everything we can to try to lift his spirits.

“This has been dreadful for the whole family, especially his mum Stacylee McCarron, dad Fraser McKay and step-mum Laura Smillie.

Lennon, left, with cousin Rhylee Moodie

“We were begging the doctors to do everything they could to keep him alive. Lennon is very strong-willed and he has fought his way back so far but there is still a very long road to recovery.”

Lennon’s family are holding a full day and evening of events at the Ambassador pub in Clepington Road on February 17 to raise money for the Ninewells ICU and to highlight the dangers of drug-taking.

They are also selling “Team Lennon” T-shirts, also to raise money for the unit.

Ashley said: “We are so grateful for everything they have done for Lennon so far we want to repay them.

“Everyone at the hospital has been amazing. We wanted them to do everything they could for Lennon — and they did.

“We also want to do everything we can to warn youngsters to avoid this drug — we don’t want anyone else to go through this.”

The events at the Ambassador begin at noon with face-painting, a bouncy castle and a magician for children, and there will be a DJ at night for adults.

The T-shirts, bearing the slogan “Hugs not drugs”, are available at £10 each. All proceeds will go to the ICU.