Locals in shock as police probe break-in at shop

Police attend a break-in at the Scotmid store in Invergowrie, where the bottom panel of the front door was smashed

Police are hunting crooks who broke into a Tayside shop today.

The Scotmid store in Main Street, Invergowrie, was targeted at about 3am.

A glass window pane in the store’s front entrance was smashed in the raid.

However, it’s not known if anything was taken during the break-in.

The shop was cordoned off as officers carried out their investigation.

Locals told of their shock — saying the village is normally quiet and largely free of serious crime.

One resident, who didn’t wish to be named, said: “I moved to the village around two years ago and have never had any bother in that time.

“I only got home around 1am this morning after being in Manchester so I am surprised I did not see or hear anything.

“When I arrived home in the early hours there was a group of local men hanging about but they just looked like they had come from the pub, it wasn’t suspicious at all.

“I am a really light sleeper so I am very surprised I did not hear anything, especially the alarm system as I have heard it before and it is pretty loud.

“Whoever has done it must have been really quiet for me not to wake up.

“It is such a lovely village here in Invergowrie, there is a real community spirit.

“Everyone knows everyone around here so I would be surprised if it was someone local who has done this.

“It is a shame on the owners having to now close for the day until the door is fixed. It really is a shock.

“The new coffee shop along the street has brought a lot of new business into the community so I hope this doesn’t turn anyone off coming to the village.”

Craig McKenzie, owner of The Post House coffee shop, said: “It is very alarming that this has happened in our community.

“It is worrying for us as we have no one in our shop overnight.

“I believe other shops in the village have been targeted before but it is definitely not something that is common around here.

“Thankfully we have never had any bother but we will be making sure our alarm is on every night when our staff leave.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “We are currently making inquiries relating to a break in at a Scotmid store in Invergowrie.

“The break in occurred at around 3am today and we would ask anyone who has any information to please contact Police Scotland on 101.”

A spokeswoman for Scotmid Cooperative said: “Police were called following a break-in at the Invergowrie store in the early hours of this morning.

“We are supporting the police with their investigation and apologise for any inconvenience to customers. The store is now operating as normal.”