Local woman to help hurricane clear-up on Caribbean island Tortola

Katrina Lindsay is busy enjoying the festive season at home but the 29-year-old will soon be heading back to the hurricane hit Caribbean island of Tortola.

Katrina is a lawyer with Carey Olsen in what is the largest of the British Virgin Islands.

It was devastated by Hurricane Irma in September and Katrina was one of the many evacuated to Puerto Rico with Katrina then being taken to the Cayman Islands.

Her coach at the Fast Lane Track Club, Dag Samuels, was one of those killed as the hurricane ripped the island apart.

Some of the devastation in Tortola
Katrina helping in the clear up.

Katrina, from Perth, helped in the clear up and, now that power has been restored to her street, she is soon to be Tortola bound.

“I’ll be helping clear up again when I go back. I’m keen to get stuck in and do what I can to help rebuild Tortola,” she said.

“Living in a hurricane hit island was not nice — but it isn’t stopping me going back there.”